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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


It can take forever to figure out this so-called life, but maybe one step at a time will help. If one can stop one's mind from travelling towards the unknown, everything can be simpler. The way to the unknown is dark itself, can you imagine how dark the unknown will be? But then again, being the unknown, how is one to know dark from light? And how can one forget the Unknowable, that completes the trinity together with the known and the unknown? Is solitude really a way to conquer the path to the unknown? Is it true that only by detaching yourself from that you love most will bring it right back to you? Are needs and wants really illusions, trapping you further into despair? Will you ever break free from the mind? For it is this mind that seeks answers and not your heart. So does the heart only feel, incapable of thought? Or does it also have a mind of its own that you refuse to believe, because your faith is all you have, and if it trembles, it might just drop your soul into a downward spiral? Are we all walking on a tight rope, striking a balance between mind and body?Then what about the soul? Isn't it free from thought too? So many questions and just a lifetime to find out the answers. Is this lifetime really as short as they say? Why is everyone so lost, so confused? Is nature really going to take a toll on us? Or are our terrorists good enough? Is fear really changing to terror, paralyzing each of us? Is there not an iota of hope or emotion left within us? Are we the walking dead? Who have we become from powerful, creative Human Beings? Is it time for us to meet at the restaurant at the end of the world? How real is time? If not, then where does eternity stand? Is What You See Really What You Get?


Anonymous sneh said...

free your mind
why be blind
..be left behind
love is kind

5:01 pm  

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