Rainbow Connection

Cause is Effect concealed, Effect is Cause revealed.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

…Worst moments not when I fall but his pain that doesn’t show can only feel drives to insanity sleepless nights paranoia silent screams wake up in delusional darkness ripping apart agony beyond belief cold sweat racing the pulse out of time then another day of storms and illusions and feelings and calm chaos churning insides and facades yet knowing is believing he can do with what is given but insists on giving unconditionally making self truly too good for the world to be true…then loneliness haunts him in a crowd craving, creating, consuming. Never needed, wanted nor she had too busy listening, observing, watching closely every move intensely as love makes it happen not her, she, too tired wants to leave them all behind to prefer selfishness, pretense, only a way to cover up reality and that highest truth she knows but doesn’t show like him…but together they know, it shows in ‘them’ not her or him but them. Too many claims to know them…but nobody can as they put up a great performance just enough to please them- those others, yet somehow content to be is what makes her alive and him happy, she is cold, he’s just fine…they are serene together and they dream of a place just as magical and mystical as they are with one soul, heart and life waiting for them…


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