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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Water Water Everywhere!

It's pouring like it's going out of style! and I'm not sure why I'm at office...it's foggy and gloomy and wet! and I'm soaked to the bone! but it was fun getting here, till Ayesha hurt her hand with a spoke of her umberella...and then there was blood and rain, with the wind blowing stronger than ever...I broke into a hysterical laugh in all the chaos and it has just registered in my head that the situation was not funny at all...So then, why did I laugh out loud?
Maybe I knew somewhere in the back of my head, that nature was unleashing its force, and maybe I wasn't supposed to be taking it too seriously, I wasn't really laughing out of sheer joy and perhaps I did see something quite overwhelming, and my only reaction to it was a laugh!
So strange was this laugh that I actually sat sown to write about it, it was almost evil...till I realised that Ayesha was hurt. Then I joked about how she looked like a person with suicidal tendencies with that white bandage wrapped around her wrist! But I didn't mean to be funny! I am not sure what took over me with all the rain and wind! I feel it awakened a dark, almost demonic side of me that had never really showed up...not in a long time.
But we all have our dark sides (especially left handed people!) and maybe they are brought about when you least expect them. Thankfully, Ayesha shares my views on the Dark side and probably understood where I was coming from to not mind my behaviour! She wasn't in pain I know because she doesn't feel any. Strange as it may sound, there are people in this world who are numb with pain or just never feel it. I really don't know why am writing this, but there's an idea I'm getting at. don't know if I can call it that - an idea or maybe a thought or a feeling perhaps...whatever it may be, if it has left you confused ir a little lost, it really wasn't me!


Blogger Zahir said...

maybe it was chance, or its more flamboyant relative destiny...but i laughed too and the mingle and tinkle of blood, rain and laughter- of emotional pain, tears and its subsequent release brought solace to a storm that cannot be calmed... whose calm lies only in its rage...

5:58 am  
Blogger Ally cat, ally rat said...

who is this Zahir who keeps leaving comments to EVERY blog you write? Is he your cousin?

Yes, a tad evil I think...in fact, if I was in the same situation, I might have got a kick out of seeing that happen (but thats just how evil and messed I am in my head) But, if it was a close friend, I dont think I would have laughed...but no one really can tell...but its ok...such is life...you act like an ass in situations you least expect. what say?

1:21 pm  

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