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Friday, July 07, 2006

Nosferatu - Children of the night

Is it just me or can you feel the calm before the storm? This kind of silence is truly unnatural, yet seeks to invite the kind of attention that one really doesn't want.You want to be in oblivion and it is this that keeps bringing you back to reality, this reality. And you'd rather bury your head in the ground for fear of facing this. But it stands before you, in all its glory, calling forth all you have to give - yourself. And since you fear the unknown, this is clearly what is giving you the lump in your throat from trying not to weep. Weep like you were a child with no inhibitions or complexes, just waiting for your comforting mother to hold you in her arms and tell you that this too shall pass and all will be okay. It seems like a shadow, as dark as the night sans moon, overlooking you, while you hide behind a rock on the beach, the wind drying the tears that have now begun rolling down your warm cheeks, your eyes still tightly shut from the fear of seeing what stands before you. And you can almost feel a warm, tingling down your spine as it moves toward you, closer and closer, till you can feel the cold breath. So now you know it's alive, yet something tells you otherwise. It's so cold, almost reminding you of a corpse in a morgue. And you're not sure whether to muster up the courage and face it, or just open your eyes, fix your gaze at your feet and run; run like you've never run before, like the wind has become of you. But you know somewhere that this is obviously stronger , certainly more powerful than you can ever be, and that's what keeps you from even breathing, let alone get up and leave. You know you can't walk out of this, as you hide your head between your knees, covering your ears from any sound. But even the wind seems to know your fear, for now it has begun whistling louder and somehow you can hear a faint cry of a dog, howling somewhere in the distance. So is nature getting back at you for all you have done? You begin reminiscencing all the significant moments in your life, all those you love and love you, all those you hate and hate you (you know you hate atleast one person), and all the things you have wronged, all that you've blessed, and now you're so sure this is what it feels like when one senses death around.You sink deeper into your knees, feeling as small as you could possibly be, and knowing that this is the best or worst you can do. Beads of sweat trickle down your nose onto the ground you are sitting on, hoping that it would open up and swallow you down. Then the warm sunbeam kisses your sweaty forehead, waking you up to a hungover state and you know all it was, was a nightmare...


Blogger Zahir said...

I can feel, but I also think it’s just you. But if it’s calm we are talking about, then well it’s me! (refer to www.onetruenorth.blogspot.com – Pathetic Fallacy). So are you sure you weren’t writing this, thinking of me?
The loneliness within me
Takes a heavy toll
'Cause it burns as slow as whiskey through an empty aching soul and
The night is like a dagger
Long and cold and sharp
As I sit here on the front steps
Blowing smoke rings in the dark
The rain falls where it wants to
Wind blows where it will
Everything on earth goes somewhere…
Even if it just were a bad dream!

9:51 am  

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