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Monday, July 10, 2006

No excuses...

If I'm really such a treasure,
I must be kept under lock and key,
Away from good measure,
Find a way to be.
In places gone by,
I've found myself before,
In place so high,
I haven't meant to keep.
And now that I'm here,
It's been just clarity,
I am finally near,
To this serenity.


Blogger Zahir said...

treasures aren't always meant to be kept under lock and key, in as much as the world needs to know it exists for it to be a treasure. whether it is but a whisper in the hallowed portals of time or a murmur in the ears of sleepy children or a shout in the corridors of history...
you are a treasure unto yourself, when you are loved...for just the fact that you are loved, whethere it is by some unknown force or known entity...u are loved..and that makes you the greatest ever...

6:31 am  

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