Rainbow Connection

Cause is Effect concealed, Effect is Cause revealed.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


When I dream the night winter dances as the season that ripe summer morning life was me as cold and hard but beneath my skin is wild light between a cloudy winter in every wish I make music to shine above always and blood will ferment with rain then no sound only thick blue snow soft like good love from you full of happy taste which would listen to you say we were feeling it all…never wait too long, soon they leave who ask why her is bad…walk through water or air but come clean…. this must bloom though, some grow only by sleep have wine too off naked earth drive her cycle let him eat live know and want more out of heavy frost speak about how she gives almost an idea so colored could kiss hot sun, green seed, red spring…smell flower….if house window can crack up do plant his favorite vine out use after fall has care lying an eye did see for street be hot than dry…


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