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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

no touch...

I bare skin. I bare spirit. I bare my soul. But not to you. You are me. And you don’t look at me, only see, into me, into my soul. This body is my temple. And I must take care of it, so I’m told. But it’s not easy. Nothing is. I am nothing. Does that make me easy? And if I am, then I make. I create. From my nothingness, a whole new universe of mysteries and magic and beauty and love. Wouldn’t you just love to see all of this? But you do see. Not all of these things, but beyond. Like the horizon, that appears closer than it is. And you see beyond it. You see where that sun really goes when we think it’s setting. Me, I’m a mere mortal, made of glass, transparent to the bone. Living with my fears from dawn to dusk, every moment, in this fragile body, yes, the temple of my soul. My temple. And you worship me, my soul, my temple. It must seem really beautiful to you. It must make you ecstatic to merely touch it. To me, it’s almost not there. Lost in my nothingness. But you are always there to remind me, every time I try to walk away from my temple, that you are my true devotee. You’d wait at my gates forever just to have one more glance at the beauty I hold, the love I bring into your heart, your temple. Yes, you have a temple too. And it leaves me breathless. It’s divine. Purity in its highest form.


Blogger Zahir said...

Purity...is not something negative; it is not just an unopened bud; it is not something cold; it is not ignorance of life. Is justice merely the absence of dishonesty?...Is faith merely the absence of doubt? Purity is not merely the absence of sensuality; It is selflessness born of love and the highest love of all.
Purity is a reflection of faith; it is an attitude before an act; a reverent inwardness, not a biological intactness.

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