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Friday, July 28, 2006

Mama, I'm coming home...

If we are born alone, and are destined to die alone, or so they say, then why do we spend our entire lifetime living for others? Or is it that a need is created, so that we may understand that inspite of all these relationships, we will always be alone? And in order to deal with this ultimate truth, which is most depressing to most of us, we are supposed to make the most of all these relationships we so readily form. It is said that the truest relationship that ever existed is that of a mother and child, and it's only natural. For even animals are seen nurturing their young ones no matter whether they are tame or wild. In fact, hell hath no fury like the scorn of a hurt mother. And nature is also referred to as Mother Nature. So is being a mother really for those who are the strongest? Motherhood has innumerable facets to it, very difficult to fathom if you're not one, too many to name, if you are. And isn’t it the mother that has the highest influence on the new born, and plays a key role in shaping the child's future. Then what about all those women who have adopted children due to lack of their own or single fathers who often try fulfilling the mother's duties. What about mothers who ignore their children, thus forcing them to lead a life of attention seeking disorders? And what about young girls, who become mothers before they become women?

Today, the newspaper read that an eleven-year-old was the youngest ever to be a mother. The child-mother didn't know she was raped and that it had led to her becoming what every woman dreams of, after the fancy dream wedding and in a successful marriage. Only after the girl's mother noticed the bulge, and questioned her, she spoke of an incident that she was shameful and confused of. Never did she imagine that her life would change forever. Now, is this the gift of motherhood? Is it fair to this 11 year old child to rear and nurture a baby or to the baby,who for no fault of his or her, is now a part of this wicked world? For the infant to grow up and realise how he /she was concieved, forcefully and brutally and actually live with it? But you know what? It doesn't matter whether it's fair or not, the fact remains that the deed is done. It's probably been over 10 months since she was raped, and the bearer of this unfortunate news happened to be her own child. The infant spoke volumes even before learning to speak; it made my insides churn. And by writing about this, I'm not sure how I'm helping the situation, I'm quite sure I'm not.

A child represents love in its purest form. It comes from a divine union of two souls. Two souls that are meant to be, that have consciously decided to unite for this beautiful new life to come from them, be nurtured and protected within thier shelter till he/she can grow new wings and soar. Sadly, this child was unwanted right from the beginning, even before its conception. It was not to exist by force of some inhuman scumbag who roams scot-free as I write. It doesn't get more sickening. And the girl is as clueless about motherhood as her friends and younger siblings. She must suddenly throw away her toys and abandon her childhood, for she has a new toy to take care of, a toy that breathes, that lives, that's a part of her. She has a new role already, and she must learn all about it because the game has begun. She must forget about education (if she ever had any), forget about her dreams and everything else, devoting her entire adolescence to her child. It may be hard to lead the life you choose, but she has no choice. Not about being a mother, not about being a girl who is forced to become a woman at a tender age of 11, not about her child's life, for she doesn't know what to do with her own.

It's about one such incident, about one such little girl, about one such injustice.

And this is just the beginning...


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