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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Serve the EGO...

I’ve been down so long that it looks like up to me....can understand Jimi baba...history repeats itself...only we choose to be or not to be a part of it...remember, that is the question?! It doesn't matter why we choose to participate or not in this history...so technically we are all living in the past...only that we don't realize it...and I realized this, today, and it was worth mentioning so I have...
It may be true that we bring our destiny upon ourselves through our rnanubandhana…popular as karmic debt…but that does NOT mean we can justify each action, especially that which causes harm or hurt to another, or us by calling it Karma…for there is also an alertness and awareness required in the process of being…which we must know of, and do learn given a chance…to be. And it’s so difficult to simply be, that it takes people more than one life to get there; on the other hand you have those who can attain it in a moment…for eternity…
Having said this, it is also important to mention here that everyone’s yardstick of measuring is differently made, I know some who don’t have yardsticks, simply because they don’t measure, and that’s a good thing…when I say measure I mean anything and everything…
But the mind is a wicked place with only traps, that get you when you least expect them, thus expect the unexpected…and then there are little nooks and crannies that we miss out trying to figure things ourselves, but we are simply humans …and to get to the other side, the mind is of no use…it will in fact play the devil’s advocate in trying to make you stay...and most of us just give in and stay back. Never set off towards the absolute truth, too busy in the mundane activities of the world…and it keeps gnawing in your insides till you can’t take the excruciating ache in your soul and you choose to get lost…to go find another way, an easier route, but that’s just again a trap my friend, set in your mind, against you…so that you get tricked into becoming one with the mind alone…leaving your body and soul behind…and the mind can never attain salvation for it is not a matter of the mind, it is your heart and soul that is pure and will always be, and anything you do in this world or society, will only stem from your mind, for it is that which has been struck with ego since the day your were born, conditioned to the needs and conveniences of others around you and you may not like knowing this but it's the truth…we are all serving our own as well as another's ego at all times, thus surviving....living doesn't need an ego...it has life...no ego...we are the ones that make 'I' instead of 'WE'!
oh well...this may not be all I have to say, but I'm done writing for now...


Blogger Zahir said...

Serving egos
Mirror, mirror
Do you like
What you see?
I'll dance for you
If you dance for me
Who says a woman
Cannot serve?
It would be my pleasure
Who says it is
Not my destiny
To let you control me?

If history repeats itself then bring on the beheadings!

But on a more serious note...
Wonder how we'll ever make it
Through this living nightmare
But the mind is an amazing thing
Full of candy dreams and new toys
And another cheap hotel
Two beds and a coffee machine

Then again don't forget...
Too many times we stand aside
And let the waters slip away
'Til what we put off 'til tomorrow
It has now become today
So don't you sit upon the shoreline
And say you're satisfied
Choose to chance the rapids
And dare to dance that tide

And a final note in this process of randomisation
We call them strong
Those who can face this world alone
Who seem to get by on their own
Those who will never take the fall
We call them weak
Who are unable to resist
The slightest chance love might exist
And for that forsake it all
They're so hell-bent on giving ,walking a wire
Convinced it's not living if you stand outside the fire

6:19 am  

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