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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


The weekend was good with some good movies to catch up. I'm already obsessing over Hard Candy. This is seriously worth watching. It’s gripping till the end; very few movies can do that to me! And strangely I feel so much for the fourteen year old girl, who has done some extraordinary work. Haven’t seen such an expressive face in a while, especially worn by a fourteen year old! Although she may not be fourteen, she sure can pull it off and how! It’s the story of Hayley, a fourteen year old girl with multiple internet identities, surfing the net till she meets Jeff, at a local coffee shop. Jeff is a fashion photographer. Understand his lifestyle then. They end up at his place and if you’re thinking the obvious, please think again! Coz OH MY GOD!!! It takes the most erratic and inconceivable turn. And the kid lands up there, only to be shown the reality about Jeff. And she takes him through his whole life, controlling his mind before he can even think. And she gives him two options by the end of it all, for he is in an unmentionable state of mind. He’s has become completely incapable of any action but what she asks of him. The twist here is how this little kid succeeds in controlling the man’s mind, right till the end. Don’t worry, I’m not telling you how, can’t give away the story really! Just know that this psychotic thriller is so worth a watch! Please pretty please watch and let me know if you like it!:)


Anonymous Divi said...

Sam Sam Sammmyyyy!!
Just got the movie from a friend!
Will pakka watch it and then tell u how i liekd it!

How u?

[P.S.: Leave the option to comment without having a blogger acnt on only haan pl - blogger is too mcuh of a pain to log into]

8:53 am  

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