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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


To be complete is one thing. To be able to share the completeness with another is a different story altogether. Wiping the tears of the weepy-eyed demons is what you and I are made to do. And it is exhausting. But isn’t it something given to us? It’s always easier to take than give. But when we take something, we don’t own it. It is given to us for a purpose. What we do with it is our own choice. And we are given such a variety of choices and options. To choose between them is a task only a few can do appropriately, by making sound decisions. And these tasks are to betaken up every moment, no matter what. Whether you like it or don’t. You have been selected amongst the innumerable entities to do this. And you must!


Blogger Zahir said...

You feel safe with someone; because no one can give you a sense of safety like the one you get from inside yourself.
and when someone does give you taht sense, feel it and grow in it and with it...together

8:02 am  

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